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HTML Colours


Bogus HTML Colour Names and Their Random Colours


Compiled by Roger Harris  1998

Elsewhere on this web-site I have placed a file containing
a list of standard colour names and their associated colours.
Out of curiosity I compiled this HTML file of various bogus
colour names to see if they would be recognised by the Netscape
Navigator v3.01 and Microsoft Internet Explorer v3.02 browsers.

Netscape and Microsoft browsers both probably parse the HTML script
string which contains the colour name. If the word is recognised
as a legal word then the corresponding RGB bytes are copied into
certain memory locations. If the word is not recognised, it being
either illegal or misspelled, then those memory locations are neither
overwritten nor initialised and the consequent colour derived from
those locations will depend upon whatever the locations happened by
chance to contain at the time. It appears that both browsers contain
the same fascinating programming feature.

You may easily inspect this file's script by clicking first on
'View' and then on 'Source.'

It seems that when a Netscape or Microsoft browser displays a
named colour, then that colour might be correct by design,
correct by coincidence or completely wrong.

I consider that black, ie. no colour (#000000), should be displayed
when an illegal or misspelled colour word is encountered.

The three tables below contain words referring to bicycles, fruit
and vegetables and a selection of real colour names taken from
'Crossword Lists' by Anne Stibbs (ISBN: 0-7475-0345-7, (C)1989).
Very few of the words are legal HTML colour words. Why are so
many colours displayed?







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Bicycle Words and random colours


bell   chain   frame  
fixedwheel   freewheel   gear  
hub   lamp   pedal  
saddle   spoke   wheel  







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Fruit and Vegetable Words and random colours


apple   apricot   artichoke  
asparagus   aubergine   avocado  
banana   beetroot   blackberry  
blueberry   cabbage   canteloupe  
carob   carrot   cauliflower  
celery   chestnut   clementine  
coconut   courgette   cranberry  
cucumber   currant   eggplant  
elderberry   fig   frenchbean  
gherkin   gooseberry   grape  
greengage   guava   kidneybean  
lemon   lettuce   loganberry  
lychee   mandarin   mangetout  
mango   melon   mulberry  
mushroom   nectarine   onion  
orange   parsnip   pea  
peach   pear   persimmon  
pineapple   pistachio   plum  
potato   pumpkin   quince  
radish   raspberry   redcurrant  
rhubarb   runnerbean   soyabean  
spinach   strawberry   tangerine  
tomato   turnip   zucchini  








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Miscellaneous Colour Names and random colours


Several of the names listed in this table are legal colour names.

alabaster   amber   amethyst  
applegreen   applered   apricot  
aquamarine   argent   asphalt  
aubergine   auburn   aureate  
azure   azureblue   beige  
biscuit   blaze   blonde  
blood   bloodred   bloodstone  
bloom   blue   blush  
bottlegreen   brass   bronze  
brown   buff   burnet  
camel   carmine   carnation  
carrot   cerise   cerulean  
chamois   cherry   cinnamon  
citrine   citron   claret  
claude   cocoa   copper  
coral   cream   crimson  
crow   crystal   damask  
daylight   delft   diamond  
dun   dusk   emerald  
ermine   fallow   flame  
flavous   flax   flesh  
fuchsia   fulvid   garnet  
glaucous   gloom   gold  
golden   grass   grassgreen  
gray   green   grey  
gridelin   gules   hazel  
henna   indigo   ivory  
jade   jasper   jet  
khaki   lake   lark  
lavender   lemon   lilac  
lily   livid   lobster  
lurid   magenta   mahogany  
maize   maroon   mauve  
milk   mouse   murrey  
mustard   navy   noir  
ochre   olive   olivegreen  
onyx   opal   orange  
orchid   pea   peach  
peagreen   pearl   penumbra  
peridot   phosphor   pink  
pistachio   pitch   plum  
prune   puce   purple  
purpure   quince   raspberry  
red   redness   resin  
rose   rosy   rouge  
rubescent   rubicund   ruby  
ruddy   russet   saffron  
sallow   sand   sandy  
sapphire   sardonyx   scarlet  
sea   seablue   seagreen  
sepia   shrimp   silver  
sky   skyblue   snow  
snowwhite   soot   sorrel  
star   stone   straw  
sulfur   sulphur   sun  
sunbeam   tan   taupe  
terracotta   titian   topaz  
tortoise   turquoise   turquoiseblu  
turquoisegre   ultramarine   umber  
umbra   umbrage   verdant  
verdantique   verdigris   verdure  
vermilion   violet   virent  
virescent   viridescence   viridian  
whitewash   yellowochre   zircon  







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